I know an Ohlins, Showa or even Sachs may be better but even second hand ones are much more expensive than this new one. My landlord runs only YSS on his bikes with great results. However, he put is money where his mouth was. We are the Sole UK importer/Service agents for all Wilbers products. Progressive 412 Series Standard 13 in Shocks Chrome VS Honda Rebel 300 500 YSS Topline Twin Reservoir Piggy back Gas Shock RG362-285TRCL Ohlins Piggyback Suzuki VS 750 GL Intruder Motorcycle Replacement Spares and Parts. Got Feb 16, 2017 · Just wondering if anyone has any experience of using Wilbers, HyperPro or YSS shocks on their dedicated track bikes. Aug 31, 2019 · Unlike the '81 and up forks that have those teflon coated bushing the inner fork tubes run on instead. . I also haven't ridden an 1150GS with Showas, Ohlins, Wilbers and Bitubos for comparison purposes. They are spring preload and rebound adjustable, they are also have 10mm length adjustment. The stock Honda Grom brakes does its job, but when it comes to better control for performance and safety, a performance or big disc brake setup is hard to beat. I believe a previous owner has played with the forks and there is a receipt for fitment of "gold valves", new seals and oil but no other information. Phuộc OHLINS xuất sứ từ thailand ,bảo hành 1 năm cho ace xài nhé. Approx £520 (Ebay) There was an Australian guy on here who ordered the Ohlins, Nitron and Shock Factory shocks. r1150r. Jun 07, 2017 · This feature is not available right now. เอิ่ม ลงภาพไม่ได้ เอาเป็นลิ้งค์ไปก่อนนะครับ YSS  Ohlins Rear Shock TTX Series MKII Honda CBR1000RR 08-12. Other fork designs are girder forks, suspended on sprung parallel links (not common since the 1940s) and bottom leading link designs, not common since the 1960s. Klaus, the gentleman who runs YSS USA, says that the newer ones are shorter. To provide superior service, suspension, suspension products, and have an open line of communication with our customers. Nitron shocks are high-end items custom-built in the UK, yet when it comes to value for money plus quality they still beat everything else. The Ohlins ITC shocks I bought on eBay that were said to be from an '83 CR are 18" and the Betor ITCs that came on my '83 Aug 04, 2012 · Ohlins ITC lengths for '83/'84 WR/CR. YSS - 16mm piston rod Bigger is better for longevity. Ohlins has combined their decades of experience in making championship winning shocks and have created the Ohlins STX46 Rear Shock. Ohlins 46HRCS vs. S. Öhlins is the number 1 suspension manufacturer of suspension for motorcycle and cars within aftermarket, OEM and motorsport with over 300 motorsport titles. Sep 19, 2018 · Just fitted a nice new YSS rear shock to my 1100. I'll be adding a bit to what I posted there, and editing it when needed. Manue, los YSS hidráulicos los tienen en la web por poco mas, lo que pasa es que no los tenían. 360. You could say that anything will be an improvement on my 80,000 mile original Shock. 78 & later Monoshocks, Öhlins Motorcycle Suspension Products & Services in Bristol. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Couple Shock YSS for Suzuki VS 800 Intruder 1992-2000 at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products! โช๊คหน้า-หลัง Yss เราได้จัดหใวดหมู๋ไว้ให้ท่านแล้ว มีให้เลือก2รุ่น G-plus G-sports ปรับเปลี่ยนการขับขี่ให้สนุกมากยิ่งขึ้น ด้วยระบบกันสะเทือนหลังเสริม High performance motorcycle suspension, including shocks and springs for Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. wuihh berapa duit tuh,. Free Ohlins. Find Zrx available for purchasing now online! Nitron Racing Shocks- Home. He contracts the build of various products for distribution and/or use in the states. Search and purchase a large selection of new and used Suzuki VS 1400 GLP Intruder Shocks motorcycle parts in the largest online replacement parts online network. At Race Werks we can built to order. Front Fork Products and Upgrades Essential Solutions For Better Bump Absorption and Handling. Pabrikan asal Thailand ini punya 4 tipe untuk Aerox 155, tipe paling rendah yaitu tipe DTG seharga Rp 875 ribu yang sudah dilengkapi dengan progressive spring dan redaman dibantu nitrogen. Get the lowest price, free shipping deal, easy exchanges and no restocking fees - Guaranteed! Tình hình là mình mới gắn cặp phuộc ohlins chính hãng đc 2-3 ngày thì phát hiện lò xo cạ vào phần nhựa màu đen bên trong , có tróc sơn bên trong luôn , hỏi cửa hàng thì nói là phần nhựa đen đó bảo vệ ống nhôm , và phuộc nào của ohlins cũng bị cạ như vậy hết kg sao cả They might seem a little long compared to stock length, but I can say from experience with my YSS shocks that a tad longer isn't necessarily a bad thing (I'm about 5'11" 200lbs no gear). i'm about 220 out of the shower. com, Intip Skok Ohlins Honda PCX 150 Lokal, Harga Rp. Mike คือตอนนี้ผมขี่คลิ๊ก 125i อยู่ครับ ใส่ YSS C-euro ไม่ค่อยพอใจเท่าไรแล้วได้ไปลองรถเพื่อนที่ใส่ Ohlins รู้สึกว่ามันดีมากเลยครับ เลยอยากจะถามว่า YSS ตัวท๊อป Thought I,d just give the end story of my YSS shock. The motorcycle shocks are mechanical or hydraulic devices made to absorb the shock impulses by converting the kinetic energy produced by the shock into heat. YSS Rear Piggy Back Shock Right suspension setting – a black magic to understand? Maximise your riding experience with Öhlins Setup App! Thanks in advance! Heck, perhaps it might be useful to run a tally of suspension upgrade front and back (Ohlins, YSS, Andreani, Bitubo etc), your body weight, and opinion of improved performance (was it dramatic, modestly improved, etc). We make the stock KYB Shock rebuild-able by putting a service port in and it works well. hey all, looking to keep my 09 650r so time for a shock, possibly cartridges. Latest. Aug 25, 2019 · KARERA NG MABABAGAL x NMAX vs AEROX vs CLICK x ZERO ONE MOTO x RED SWEET - Duration: 29:27. Gear and Products. Yes, the Fork Cartridges are not Ohlins, but they are very good quality. LOWER COWLING SET V. His conclusion was they felt pretty similar in use. For some unknown reason Ohlins uses it’s own numbers to label rate, but below on the rate conversion chart you can cross reference this number. All our shock absorbers are custom made. Race Tech's award winning Gold Valve Emulator Kits for Forks provide a personalized setup and adjust ability. True to our roots, we remain a racing suspension company to this day. Maintaining your motorcycle's high performance will require quality shocks and improving these can also provide a more comfortable ride, and protect other parts against damage. Klaus was very good and took care of customers. EN cualquier caso si yo pido unos amortiguadores para una tarea en concreto y es lo que me ha vendido espero que como mínimo lo pueda hacer, si no se los comen. And No, I dont work for, with or have anything to do with either company. WELCOME TO HAGON SHOCKS LLC WEBSITE: TWIN SHOCKS: FORKSPRINGS: MONOSHOCKS : APPLICATIONS GUIDE: WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORS: Hagon Shocks LLC Are No Longer Trading All Items Can Be Purchased Direct From Hagon Products Ltd UK For All Your Enquires or Orders Please use Contacts Below Telephone: +44 208 502 6222 Fax: +44 208 502 6274 E-Mail: sales Add to that Ohlins sterling reputation for reliability and adjustability, and many people's opinion that there just isn't a finer shock made. EPM Wilbers offers the entire line of BMW ESA shocks and is the only certified service station that can handle all the Wilbers repairs and ESA conversions for the all BMW models, whether it is the Mini-WESA, WESA, Dynamic Comfort WESA, Dynamic Feedback WESA or DDC WESA. Choosing Motorcycle Shocks The best shocks for your ride depend on several factors, including your machine’s model and the conditions you’ll be riding in. We can cater to your needs accordingly. Original was in dire need of service so took the opportunity of fitting this one to see how it goes at the next track day. The fork springs will be anywhere from . From our facility in New Jersey we offer expert advice to help you select the perfect aftermarket shock absorber for you motorcycle and your budget. I'm planning to add some new suspension to my bike over the winter (if it ever comes, worst start since '76 in Whistler) and I'm trying to clarify something. Get the lowest price, free shipping deal, easy exchanges and no restocking fees - Guaranteed! 1 tahun pke ninja 250fi,,monoshock showa Bawaan pabrikan kawasaki ini ambles alias modar,,,terpaksa sekarang pke ohlins. Tak kalah dengan OHLINS pihak YSS juga sudah siapkan sokbreker untuk motor R series yamaha,saat ajang pameran IMOS 2014 saya sempat jepret beberapa sokbreker untuk motor R15,VIXION dan R25. We sell accessories as well as genuine Honda spare parts for all motorcycle and scooter models manufactured in Thailand and sold around the world. I have run the progressive 440's and the Hagons I would rate the progressives the lowest of the three. Harga Shockbreaker Yamaha NMAX Terbaik dari YSS, Ohlins, dan Kayaba Beserta Modifikasi Shock Belakang NMAX Sebagai Solusi Pengganti Shockbreaker  23 Sep 2016 Yamaha NMax yang pake shock Ohlins tersebut merupakan milik ngeri itu adalah performa di jalan buruk, dengan menggunakan shock YSS  Brands. As the rear shock absorber are not really the best one I want to buy YSS, but according to the shops here in Bangkok the shocks from earlirer model years don't fit. I bought a high mileage K6 GSXR1000 in the fall to convert to a track bike to replace my trusty old ZX7 & one of the main items I want to upgrade or replace initially is the OEM rear shock & have the forks stripped & rebuilt before the 2017 season. Where the correct spring rate is essential for a correct performance of the motorcycle, the hydraulics, the shock absorber, needs to control the spring. I've seen you race ;unfortunately you're gonna need to go the high $$$ route . The shock absorber maintains the cushion-y ride feel as your bike moves up and down. Suzuki VS 1400 GLP Intruder Motorcycle Replacement Spares and Parts. It was a super cheap, but great rear suspension upgrade. Special Price $160. At EPM performance imports, we are suppliers of top quality aftermarket motorcycle suspension components for all major makes and models of motorcycle. Currently I am looking at 2 possibilities - an Ohlins unit (without external resevoir) and a Nitron with similar adjustment capabilities as the Ohlin. Consult the Ohlins spring chart for the correct spring application for you. If you are doing something besides the normal use or the bike needs to carry more weight than it was planned to then it can happen that the original suspension is not able to handle this. Progressive suspension is the best way to lower your motorcycle. ,salam pertamax7. Intinya, saat lads menginginkan lebih, produsen after market mempunyainya… sebut saja merek-merek seperti Ohlins, Showa, Sachs, Bitubo, Zelioni, Kayaba, Tanabe, Eibach, Tokico, blackhawk milik mang ulid hingga pabrikan lokal Thailand, YSS siap memberikan beragam suspensi yang disesuaikan dengan kendaraan dan keinginan karakter sang pemilik Jun 20, 2012 · Help! I would like to change the rear shock on my Fazer 8. 125" to the YSS shock. 9 ซอยพิกุลทอง ถ. The YSS run a close second with Ikon trailing behind. YSS are cheaper than the Ohlins and are probably a better choice for May 04, 2011 · Lack of / no quality control with parts failures. Ohlins’ S36PR1C1LB shocks have an external “piggy back” reservoir to keep oil temperature and viscosity consistent. What shocks/dampeners do? A misconception is a spring is a big part of the suspension and does most of the work. . It turns out that the bushing has an aluminum collar on it, hiding the rubber from the elements and lending a cleaner appearance. For the cash, very nearly everything. Year: © 2010 Hagon Products Ltd. In a great shock the only thing a spring does is hold the weight of the vehicle, rider(s), and cargo up at a predetermined May 10, 2015 · A friend of mine does a lot of business in China. His thoughts are that the Ohlins are the best, of course he only carries Ohlins. ZEUS ARMOR Stunt Round Scrape Step Combo Bar Honda GROM 125 Hello Glynn,Welcome to the forum,I am going to fit Hagon 2810's over the winter,Brother has them and likes them,and as he is an ex racer I will follow his advice,I am going to spec mine at a slightly longer length than the Thruxton ones as it helps to sharpen up the direction changes,Not everyones cup of tea but "suits me sir"…I am also going to fit Hagon progressive springs but I may also Setting up your motorcycle suspension is one of the most arcane and confounding disciplines, yet one of the most important. enjoy. Shock Absorber Types and Features S - Single tube design T - Twin tube design 36 / 39 / 44 / 46 - Piston diameter E - Emulsion type D - Monotube high pressure gas type with internal reservoir in main body P - Monotube high pressure gas type with external "piggy back" reservoir H - Monotube high pressure gas type with hose mounted external reservoir K YSS is a shock absorber manufacturer for cars and motorcycles for more than 30 years. I did get an email from Kyle racing. Short Springs Explained RT FORK SPRING LIST with dimensions, rate and travel. 0", and deliver an improved ride through a longer stroke Purchase the Ohlins Kawasaki Z125 Pro 2017-2019 S36PC1 Shock from SportbikeTrackGear. Stacyc 16eDrive Review. The RE302-300T-09-1 balances quality and value Dec 29, 2015 · Harley Davidson Softail: Shock Absorber Reviews and How to. ” Nov 29, 2006 · I was just wondering how much better the works shocks are than the progressives are, I would like to put a pair on my TT500 but 400 vs 200 is a big difference, is it really worth it? The h305 Discussion Forum (Now With Classifieds, Auctions & Vintage Honda Registry!), hosted by honda305. Ohlins vs. I need some new shocks for my 08 T100 and most verything seems to be in the $450 to $600 price range. Oct 26, 2012 · The picture above shows YSS on the left and the OEM shock on the right. I found a pair of Ohlins 13" shocks for a bagger that a guy didn't like and am using them on the FXR. In practice, I think that for the majority of riders the Ohlins would represent better value for money and would work just fine. Motorcycle Shock Absorbers - Wide choice and fast delivery from one of the UK's leading motorbike shock absorber specialists. คือตอนนี้ผมขี่คลิ๊ก 125i อยู่ครับ ใส่ YSS C-euro ไม่ค่อยพอใจเท่าไรแล้วได้ไปลองรถเพื่อนที่ใส่ Ohlins รู้สึกว่ามันดีมากเลยครับ เลยอยากจะถามว่า YSS ตัวท๊อป Which is really the only thing that bike needs to be perfect. Upgrading your suspension can make your Triumph ride like a different bike. USA Racing Suspension. The definitive guide to fixing the FZ-09's suspension and taking the little triple from zero to hero. Shop Front end components, Shocks, and Suspension accessories. No sólo son las responsables de absorber las irregularidades del terreno sobre el que pasamos, si hay baches, hundimientos o elevaciones, sino también son el elemento que determinan nuestra estabilidad, nuestro aplomo, y en definitiva el comportamiento de toda la moto, y por tanto, nuestra propia seguridad. edit: the rear oem is not too shabby once well sprung, but you can get more adjustability out of the yss. 1 CARBON. If any of your customers or you need a heavier spring rate on a 320 body, I would be willing to trade straight up for a lighter 7mm dia spring. From my experience the minimum shock I would put on any FXR is a 13" or 13. 2 juta ) banyak yang nanya soal sok YSS tipe G buat yamaha nmax, lho kok pada cari bukannya sok belakang yamaha nmax keras itu cuma HOAX? rencananya sih september 2015 ini bakal dijual, namun ane […] Almost all Ohlins springs have a diameter of 57mm so that’s easy, the 1091 in this case means it has a 160mm length (when not on the shock) The -34 is the spring rate. YSS continues using advanced technology and equipment at all stages of the production to develop and improve high quality of products continuously. The YSS spring rate (854 lb/in) would be okay for a light weight rider (Yamaha design weight target) if oem was 862 lb/in rate spring as you could add a slightly greater initial preload of 0. That coupled with cartridge emulators transformed my Hondas handling. which yss shock is this and why so cheap? This is a discussion on which yss shock is this and why so cheap? within the Grom Talk forums, part of the Honda Grom Forums category; Honda Grom MSX125 New Shock YSS MC302 Red Kit Racing Mini Motard Motorcycles | eBay does this compare to the ohlins units for 500+? or YSS or Bitubo Looking to maybe upgrade the suspension on my Triumph T120 Don't want to spend a fortune as it's not intended to be a race bike so forget ohlins etc Nov 23, 2011 · I've used the NJP Racing shocks, Progressive shocks and Ikons on my 500/550 Hondas. Browse our large selection of motorcycle shocks and suspension components from top brands like Progressive Suspension, Legend Suspension, Burly Brand and many more. (Possibly Maxton too) I can't seem to find the thread. The spring is a heavier gauge than the 320mm. 7 Juta Honda PCX 150 Lokal Putih Honda PCX 150 Lokal Putih ada pemirsa yang punya Honda PCX 150 Lokal Indonesia dan mau update suspensi belakang? upgrade suspensi berpengaruh pada penampilan dan tentu mendongkrak kenyaman . Subscribe to our Newsletter. Free technical support and easy returns on 10,000 products P irates' Lair is proud to offer Ohlins Suspension products for the 1998-2004 BMW K1200RS. 05kg depending on what year your bike is. According to Harley, the suspension units were designed in conjunction with one another specifically for Dynas and developed “at our world class test track. While Ted’s motorcycle service business specializes in BMW, his suspension business sells and supports the complete Wilbers product line for all models. ohlins or yss mx366- 275trwl. Purchase the Ohlins Yamaha FJR1300 2006-2012 S46DR1 Shock from SportbikeTrackGear. shock ohlins Yamaha NMax. Hi New here. Top it off with a source that sells at bargain basement prices (comparatively speaking, that is), and it makes little sense to consider alternatives. Anyone else got their monoshocks? I know its like feeding strawberries to pigs but I am thinking abour putting one on the G/S. The Ohlins S36DR1L Shock for the Thruxton and Scrambler is a monotube high pressure gas type of shock absorber with internal reservoir in the main body. pertamax7. ,. Buy Suspension, Dual-Sport/ADV Parts at Solo Moto and get FREE SHIPPING, low prices and easy returns and exchanges. I have Ohlins front drop ins. That is my experience anyway. I looked at YSS a bit back for the mighty 'Dero. Get first dibs & start your holidays early, HUGE BRAND SALES & HANDPICKED PRODUCTS with deep discounts. From the modern factory, YSS is able to bring you the best gas twin shocks available in the World today. Jan 14, 2017 · The shocks I've seen available so far go from $550 for a YSS , $800 for a Wilbers 640, $1000 for a 641, $1400ish for an OHLINS unit. Subscribe Jan 20, 2015 · Enter H-D’s 2015 Premium Ride Emulsion Shocks ($600) and Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork Kit ($350) for Dynas. Oct 15, 2015 · Checked the web site kinda hard no English, the shock shown is the "Cadilac" model, equivilant to the R2 from Nitron, there are other models also. 800k Phuộc OHLINS dành cho xe honda SH150I giá 11. Hi, does anyone have any experience of Hagon vs Betor vs YSS shocks. It had been built in 2009 and had taken till 2012 to be sold , where by the one year guarantee had expired. Bill, hope I'm adding value to your original inquiry and not taking away from it! I also want to know! YSS Australia is also producing in Adelaide a wide range of twin shocks to suit the Australian market, namely the RD 222 and the 362 series at very affordable prices . Nitron’s shock Car and Truck Parts by Make and Model. great levels of adjustment and tuning for whatever ride i am facing on the day. ☺ Get the best deals on Motorcycle Shocks for Honda CRF250L when you shop the largest online OHLINS HO-429 Rear Shock 2013 YSS shock absorber mono MZ456-395TR Dime City Cycles is the premier choice for DIY custom motorcycle parts, accessories and life style gear. Adorn Your Garage Walls With A Metal Yss Vs Ohlins Xmax Motorcycle Suspension. every bit as tasty as the ohlins. Upgrading to progressive piggy-back shocks has completely transformed the ride and improved control of the bike for me. Just uppradade to a PCX150 2018 from a PCX 2015. 22 Jul 2010 Just got off the phone with Tom Cutter discussing a YSS shock to replace the The Ohlins is rebuildable, sprung to your weight, and you can  16 Oct 2014 Öhlins Asia shock absorber, ohlins, ohlins for honda, ohlins msx, ohlins forza, ohlins crf, ohlins . I'm not sure they are a "waste" of money because they are far superior to the stock Showas they replaced. CÓ FIX CHO ACE GHÉ TIỆM NHÉ(có tặng kèm theo nón ohlins ) Phuộc OHLINS dành cho xe honda SH300I giá 11. YSS YAMAHA NVX AEROX SUSPENSION ABSORBER ORI YSS. As a dealer of Wilbers products, GuzziTech. Hagon is around £300 the YSS a little less but with damping adjustment, And the Betor is just cheap at around £180. Mine are the model with preload/compression adjustments. WP250mm. demam PCX sepertinya menjangkiti para biker tanah air. More I look the more confused I am Number one Wilbers importer in North America. Ohlins have long been the #1 choice for those who want a shock that delivers the ultimate in control and confidence for all types of riders and bikes. OK for a novice who doesn't jump and races once or twice a year . Suspension Setup. Highest quality repairs & rebuild services available. 2 year warranty is also very telling. but I think the real Ohlins kit for the TLR includes mounts, and goes to the progressive linkage where the rotary was, not like the Bitubo where the spring-on-a-telescoping-stick was. thinking the progressive 428 ($350), yss ($350?), entry ohlins ($600), nitron R1 ($700), not sure about wanting to jump up to the next range, 900-1k penske 8983, nitron R2, other double clickers. Whether a motorcycle has adjustable or non-adjustable suspension, it comes from the factory with the suspension set up for a single rider – even if it’s a dual-seat bike Upgrading your suspension can make your Triumph ride like a different bike. Ohlins Front Shock Absorber Type S36PR1 R1100 S This shock absorber was developed for the sporty R1100 S and it was the preferred choice of the Boxer Cup racing teams. The Hagons were better than the worn out OEM shocks but no better than a new set of OEM shocks in my mind. Add to Cart. Kits will vary in size, additional components, and obviously price. I think for my purposes (budget) I'm going to contact YSS USA, and get more info, maybe even a new shock in the next couple of weeks!! Anyone else bought YSS shocks? Got a pair on my Triumph and I reckon they are pretty good a few $100 cheaper than that Scandi brand - made by ex Scandi folk in Thailand. At EPM Performance Imports, we are suppliers of top quality aftermarket motorcycle suspension components for all major makes and models of motorcycles. Öhlins Motorcycle Suspension Products & Services in Bristol. is a Motorcycle spare parts and accessories online-store based in Bangkok, Thailand. Adjustable rebound damping on single tube shocks. Dengan Shock Breaker baru Kayaba Zeto yang sudah berada dalam genggaman saya, akan menggantikan shock breaker lama saya yaitu YSS Top Up di motor Yamaha Jupiter Z keluaran tahun 2006 kesayangan saya yang sudah menemani perjalanan hidup saya dari SMA Kelas 1, sampai saaat ini. So I am trying to decide between the BCC-140 YSS Z362TRL or the Ohlins Type 36E. Spring rate / Rider weight SX250 2009-2011 Fork spring Shock spring Standard spring 43,2 -485 4,4 63250 69 Rider weight 45 -55 kg 3,8 60 55 -65 kg 4,0 63 Aug 04, 2012 · Ohlins ITC lengths for '83/'84 WR/CR. At Suspensions R Us we believe in selling only quality products that we would use on our own bikes or in our own workshop. importer EPM/Wilbers starting importing YSS twin shocks mid-2007. Also, we set up each set of shocks to match the needs of the rider. They are available in different designs to fit different kinds of bikes. Ohlins STX 46 Street Rear Shock. Search and purchase a large selection of new and used Suzuki VS 750 GL Intruder Shocks motorcycle parts in the largest online replacement parts online network. If YSS is the preferred brand then go straight to the G-sport series since the DTG and g series are like stock shocks to the feel. I understood that YSS used to use the same parts supplier as Ohlins, so what you were getting was tops! I spent considerable time in Oz with Walter Presig, an ex YSS partner in Thailand & a YSS agent in Oz. All of the adjusters on these shocks are a simple turn of a knob with no need for difficult spanner wrenches and the damping control is so intricate that any and all traction characteristics can be tuned perfectly. Cây Ohlins là đỉnh rồi giá 24tr nghe là hết hồn rồi :D hiện tại mình đang dùng Yss Hybird mẫu 2013,cảm nhận là nhún hơi cứng dù đã tăng chỉnh,dòng YSS tải nặng với chạy đường bằng thì ok,chứ đường xấu thì rất tệ,do phuộc cứng quá,nhún ko êm khi đi đường gồ ghề. Na fazeri som dost chodil aj na okruh, a musim povedat, ze nemam zrovna idealnu vahu, takze som aj sam citil limity. I think the only difference is that the YSS has rebound adjustment and i am riding the YSS on mine and love 'em. Then we Revalve and Rebuild it for how you intend to use your bike and dyno test it to make sure it is spot on. Fully Adjustable Ohlins vs specially prepared Base Model Ohlins for R15. With a 270 strong team, they manufacture over 2 million shocks per year, with a plethora of products to suit all tastes and budgets. eka 13 September, 2015 at 12:08. The Hagons are no where near as good as the Wilbers (or Ohlins or Hyper Pro, etc). May 06, 2015 · Harley-Davidson Premium Ride Touring Suspension. YSS Fork Internals - Fast Delivery from the UK's leading motorcycle suspension specialists. Eds) and the WP250mm ($695. Feb 09, 2019 · monoshock setup is for aesthetic purposes only and the chasis of aerox is not built for it. alone I would go with Hagon. Elka · Hagon · K&L Equipment · MotoPRO · Nitron · Ohlins · Race-Tech · Scotts · SKF · Toby · TRP · Wilbers · YSS  #Yamaha #nvx155 #absorber #ohlins #warranty2year #madeinsweden #original - Buy YAMAHA Ohlins. 7 Juta Honda PCX 150 Lokal Putih Honda PCX 150 Lokal Putih ada pemirsa yang punya Honda PCX 150 Lokal Indonesia dan mau update suspensi belakang? upgrade suspensi berpengaruh pada penampilan dan tentu mendongkrak kenyaman At Suspensions R Us we have qualified suspension tuners with over 20 years experience in the motorcycle industry. Free shipping. Incidentally, my finished forks won't have any external adjustability. The most common form of front suspension for a modern motorcycle is the telescopic fork. Read Comments. From designing and manufacturing our own line of suspension components, to performing services such as a shock rebuild or suspension setup and modifications, we help riders around the world build the best motorcycles for racing, riding and adventuring. All rights reserved. An interesting comparison would be looking at a cheaper upgrade option vs a high end brand like Ohlins. Exceptional quality motorcycle suspension products, rear shock absorbers, fork springs, steering dampers. Jadi dapat kita simpulkan, tipe shockbreaker tabung dengan shockbreaker biasa mempunyai perbedaan dari segi ketahanan, karena peranan oli terbantu fungsinya dengan adanya tekanan dari gas ini. They evaluate each motorcycle model individually, down to the smallest detail. YSS merupakan produsen yang berkomitmen untuk memproduksi komponen berteknologi canggih dari hasil riset dan perkembangan untuk meningkatkan kualitas Yamaha MT09 / Tracer TRGT / XSR900 Shock. Born of a passion for riding, Cogent Dynamics is the premiere innovator of custom suspension solutions. 39 years ago the KYB Superbike forks were state of the art, and were the best available to the privateer road racers like me. We are the first and largest group of FZ/MT 07 owners, join us! Get the best deals on Motorcycle Shocks for BMW R1150R when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Best Prices. I am looking for more comfort and improved handling. Ref: NTSPTYAM. cant speak to the bitubos as i have never ridden them. The simple one is around $300USD. Please try again later. RacingBros Adjustable Front Fork Kit for Honda Grom Monkey 125! The RacingBros Adjustable FFK is spring pre-load adjustable on both sides, rebound adjustable on one side, and dampening adjustable on the other! Dec 28, 2018 · The kits come complete with a new cylinder head, piston, and all other necessary supporting pieces. Prices have gone up over the years and are now up near $$ Ohlins, Penske $$ Also look at Elka shocks. Las suspensiones son unos de los elementos más importantes y delicados de nuestra moto. As you can see in the comparison table below, you have a lot of options. 4-valve. Harley-Davidson motorcycle suspension and motorcycle shocks give you the ultimate ride. Want to know more about motorcycle suspension? THOR'S EVOLUTION SUSPENSION PRODUCTS, LLC "Specializing in Vintage & Post Vintage Fox Shoxs, Forxs and Simons Forks" Service also available for Works Performance, early CR Showa, Red Wings. If your a bigger guy/gal and love the grom but want a better impact taking suspension then I would recommend, especially if your not sure about spending top dollar for the ohlins. 00 from Touratech). first mod i've ever done where my entry speeds went up markedly simply due to confidence. Iwanbanaran. I suspect it’s a question of diminishing returns but any upgrade over stock is probably a good choice. Hadir dengan macam-macam model bentuknya yang stylish serta banyak pilihan warna menjadikan alasan kenapa sokbreker ini banyak sekali peminatnya. 00 . If I were to build a legal vintage big bore Superbike today, I would go for the Ohlins 41mm conventional forks. I can get an Ohlins 36E for $550 but it has no rebound adjustment, only compression and I think is overpriced given what the YSS offers - 60 click rebound, +10mm height adjustment, quality mounting arrangement and a bladder seperating the oil and gas inside the piston (the ohlins has non and is an "emulsion" shock, very low end) We are Motorcycle Suspension Experts: Top Quality Shock Absorbers, Steering Dampers, and Expert Set-Up and Services for All Makes & Models. เทพารักษ์ บางปลา บางพลี, อำเภอบางพลี 10540 - ได้คะแนน 4. Yang ngeri itu adalah performa di jalan buruk, dengan menggunakan shock YSS G Plus di set ke yang paling empuk pun KBY masih agak meringis, nah di atas Yamaha NMax yang menggunakan shock ohlins ini KBY pun siap siap meringis, pikir KBY ah kalau dijalan beginian paling mirip mirip. BIKERZBITS LTD. Fork servicing, fork re-valving and fork cartridge kit installation are all carried out in our workshop. Recent price changes have made Öhlins an even more attractive option when looking to make suspension upgrades. They also distribute YSS, Yacugar and TFX, and sell/service Ohlins shocks. 00 from MR. You won't get a sore back any more when using bumpy or poor roads. On specs. 10. Without the shock absorbers, the force would be transferred to the frame and make riding unbearable. Ohlins does make a couple of eye-clevis mounts, remember my PM? Ohlins Front Fork Suspension Fluid No. Sekarang mencoba menikung cepat, wah mantap tenan lads. 5" shock. Bahkan disana sebut saja cak QAS yang mengirim PCX tunggangannya sudah menggunakan suspensi aksesoeries milik Yamaha NMax 155. HondaGrom. 700k Phuộc OHLINS dành cho xe honda MSX giá 7. 95 Honda 1998 Super Hawk 1000 Vtr1000f Wilbers Racing Rear Back Shock Absorber Honda 1998 Suzuki VS800 Intruder/Minnesota (+20mm Longer) YSS Twin Shock Absorbers (92-00) offers great value and performance. The stock Showa Biposto shock has a stiffer spring which works better for American sized riders. I've narrowed it down to the Ohlins 46HRCS-BM048 ($852. Unmatched product knowledge & after-sale support. When Ohlins designs shocks for sport bikes, they imagine what the motorcycle’s manufacturer intended when it comes to performance, options, comfort and so on. The U. YSS. dòng phuộc giá từ 4tr trở lên nhún mới Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for YSS Duo Rear Shock Adj Rz362-300trl-09-x Suzuki VS 800 GL Intruder 1996 at the best online prices at eBay! YSS Suspension Taiwan 台灣總代理 歐林斯Honda Forza300彈簧依車主的體重與騎乘需求換購。 😘😘 #OHLINS HO430 #專業細心看得到 Progressive vs Air shocks also ohlins another good brand and yes as steve mentioned the YSS,s I just had YSS in Adelaide do my front springs with progresssive We make vintage twin shocks for all makes and models. Reactive Suspension offer a wide range of motorcycle front fork products and services. 1) Responsible for more smiles per mile than almost any other machine! Bmw R 1150GS / GSA (Adventure). com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases The Ohlins 46 DR shock has only rebound damping and pre-load adjustment. Model. Termasuk di Jawa Timur kangbro. It is a great entry level shock for any street rider seeking an upgrade from their mundane OEM shock. 95kg-1. Contact us to discuss your requirements. yss-thailand - 88 / 88 ม. Reviews. Sekilas Tentang YSS Indonesia. Motorcycle Shocks Improve your bike's handling and performance, and enjoy longer, smoother rides with motorcycle shocks from J&P Cycles. Anyone tried YSS or Ohlins Thailand yet? Hi guys, im planning to change my shocks, but i really need some advice, 1st of all the monoshock setup of aerox is this dependable? Like in  25 Jan 2010 It was less than half of price of the similar Öhlins shock for my bike! So the big question mark - does anybody have experience with YSS  3 Dec 2018 Ive been running the YSS rear with resorvoir like a_morti for almost 3 years now. To me, spending 50% more to get Wilbers is well worth it. High performance motorcycle suspension, including shocks and springs for Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. ) i liked it more than the ohlins actually, probably because i could get the rear of the bike higher with it. The Ikons are by far superior. what do you recomend me? Thank you. 00. Ikon Vs Hagon vs. Ohlins vs Bitubo ?? which to go for ?? 04-26-2004, 06:28 PM. com is focused on the 247cc and 305cc family of Honda Motorcycles of the 1960s. Shock tabung yang terakhir ini bisa seharga Motor seken lho , karena harga Shock tabung Ohlins yang paling murah juga masih 2 Jutaan . Whether your interest is Cafe Racers, Bobbers, Choppers, Brats, Trackers, Scramblers or you just want something a little different for your current ride, you are sure to find the parts you need right here. Not bad - not great but as stated more travel is better. We also have extensive competition experience in many disciplines and are willing to listen to any problems or queries you may have with your bike set-up. Motorcycle shocks keep your bike from suffering any damage when going over bumps and dips and are particularly important for off roaders. At first, I thought the YSS shock was missing its rubber bushing. YSS Rear Piggy Back Advance Shock. 15 new & refurbished The Honda XR650R is an old school popular bike here in Australia and over the years Teknik Motorsports and perfected the performance and modifications on both the forks and rear shocks. ย. rasanya pengen copot si YSS tuh, terus pungut lagi lah, sayang dong wkwkkww. beuhhhh,. There might be advantages and disadvantages to a set of shocks that vary according to a bike and a rider. YSS tipe ME302-270T-S ini untukmotor vixion dan R15 murah kok cuma 859ribu saja…kecil lach harga segini buat owner R15. Interestingly, the Bonneville shocks are only 1mm longer than stock. He offered me to buy Wilburs, Ohlins and Elka shocks for my bike and if I didnt believe that the Ohlins was the best shock he would take them back. Some Wilbur's shocks have blown seals on long trips on overloaded bikes, but overall a good shock. They were apparently set up by a bunch of ex-ohlins engineers who decided to set up in Asia. Supension and chassis to improve Triumph Bonneville T100/T120, Street Twin/Cup/Scrambler, Thruxton 1200 R/S, Scrambler, Tiger 800, Speed Triple. Robert Schotman quickest in Superpole 1, beating yesterdays fastest laptime! So together with Scott Deroue, he will start in final qualifying, Superpole โช๊คอัพ yss ดีจริงหรือไม่ ? ไปสัมผัสกันแบบเจาะลึก จัดหนักตามสไตล์วิถีไบค์เกอร์ - รถแต่ง ศูนย์รวมข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับรถแต่ง Menurutnya komposisi ini paling pas diaplikasi pada NMAX dan merupakan hasil dari beberapa kali uji coba. This shock features adjustable damping at the top, just like the original, but that is where the similarities end. I swapped my GS500 stock shock out for a Katana 600 shock. com. enakan WTB Shock Breaker YSS untuk tiger 2000 Otomotif modifikasi mobil malam agan2, saya lagi nyari shock breaker merk YSS yg cocok dipake di ban jual beli bekas daftar harga mobil motor sport car motor cycle. Ohlins is the Best Suspension. List the available Brands, models, and costs YMMV! 1) Ohlins: HO-070 S46DR1 [threaded collar spring preload, 30 position rebound damping adjust] (Hydraulic Preload adjuster available as optional extra, cost unknown) -$617. We also have specifacations if you are using an aftermarket swingarm. K&L Supply Co. They go well with my modified forks. I am considering a new rear shock and have found reasonable priced supplies of both, but what do you Jul 04, 2013 · Progressives are non-rebuildable and offer little more than stock units other than being fresh and new . It has to keep the motorcycle, with rider, passenger, luggage in the correct riding position and keep the wheels in contact with the road, while shifting up, while braking, while cornering, on the straight, in short, in every circumstance. Friendly advice to help you choose your best value motorcycle shock. The original suspension is normally made for use on roads. The World's busiest Triumph Forum. More news after the track day. He came back from one of his trips a while back with a couple sets of shocks like those. Part number: OHL . With these rear shocks the bike becomes much more comfortable. Untuk opsi ke dua yaitu menggunakan monoshock after market yang kini telah tersedia di toko-toko atau bengkel asesoris serta sparepart sepedamotor. We sell shocks, fork springs, steering dampers etc. Long vs. Ohlins is a well-known name in the suspension industry as their components are equipped in wide arrays of vehicles; for the automotive industry, they can be found in rally, off-road, touring, GT, formula cars, down to stock cars. Standard-length shocks raise the seat height of a factory-lowered bike approximately 1. 800k Above Ohlins shown in this example with a 10mm ID Mount, it’s 20mm wide on this one, other styles available. Öhlins Racing has been an integrated part of the motorsport industry as well as the motorcycle and automotive industry for 40 years. Springs Welcome to the perfect world! A spring is an essential part of the motorcycle. YSS TWIN Rear Shock Honda CB400 with Gas canister (Red Spring). May 6, 2015. They give a controlled supple ride and the rebound dampening adjustment allows fine tuning for the best compromise with handling and ride comfort. After two weeks I got my YSS shock back and back on the road finally again. “Kita ganti oli sokbrekernya pakai yang lebih kental dengan volume 75-85 ml di setiap tabung. This page is a compilation of some postings I made on the www. 1 เม. Front suspension. Öhlins or Öhlins Racing AB, is a Swedish company that develops suspension systems for the automotive, motorcycle, mountain bike and motorsport industries. 99 . Warranty Type . And now I can add YSS RZ362TRL's. USA have built a worldwide reputation in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality tools and workshop equip Hi I need your opinions, I want to buy a rear suspension. I use Ohlins on my FXDX they are the best without doubt. Here we have some fantastic suspension upgrades from Ohlins, Andreani, K-Tech and Nitron, further to popular demand at FTR Suspension we can now offer the options of both Ohlins K-Tech and Andreani fully adjustable cartridge kits as well as the Ohlins, K-Tech or Nitron rear shock absorber which combined will transform the handling of the popular MT-07 MT-09 and Tracer models. Hagon ofrece la más amplia gama de amortiguadores para Aprilia BMW Jan 07, 2014 · Chris, I just bought some 340mm shocks. _____ YSS World Class Suspension YSS is the largest producer of after market motorcycle shock absorbers in the world, and its range is constantly expanding. Any difference from the 970's to stock height? Been emailing Motorcycle Metal in the States & very comparable price for Ohlins & JRI shocks. for more than 800 different Types of motorcycles. Compare prices of Zrx and other comparable products. I'm hoping some of the above will work just as well. GOLD VALVE CARTRIDGE EMULATOR FORK KITS . Q. Gazi Suspension Shock Absorbers are high performance shockies manufactured for various applications including sports, touring, classic, veteran and off road motorbikes Gazi Suspension Shock Absorbers are high performance shockies manufactured for various applications including sports, touring, classic, veteran and off road motorbikes The rear shock is a budget'ish Ohlins shock being the common 46DR but its still Ohlins and much, much better than the OEM shock. YSS merupakan produsen shockbreaker berkualitas untuk kendaraan roda dua dan kendaraan roda empat asal Thailand yang sudah beroperasi selama lebih dari 30 tahun. Regular Price: $179. WORLD CLASS MOTORCYCLE RACING SUSPENSION › › › › › I have had both on my R1100RS and there is no comparison. Shop for Harley shocks and shock absorbers online now. the ohlins in the front was a revelation tho, so i'd suggest if you're on a budget get a front shock of some sort first. Also with Ohlins, you can never be wrong with that since quality is superb. Not sure what the standard shock height is for your bike. Guests can only see parts of the forum, so sign up today! Say hello, share some pics of your bike. 00 +/- Just from the specs: Hagon - 18mm piston rod vs. If the fully adjustable unit is out of your price point, do not be afraid to let us know. 2) BAM! (Oh-momma!) We sell more of these Ohlins shocks than any other brand because the set is priced very well for the features, quality, and high resale value even when used many years (See below. Aug 08, 2012 · viem, ze otvaram staru diskusiu, ale prispejem aj ja svojim. Nitron NTR R1 Sport - Big-Piston Integral Pressurised Gas-Monotube Rear Shock Absorber for Yamaha Motorcycles . Dec 26, 2013 · That being said, I am wondering how the Fox Factory Shox and Marzocchi Strada shocks will compare to new non-external reservoir Hagon 2810 shocks (6 position adjustable rebound dampening for $300, non-rebuildable) or YSS Z-series (gas charged, 60 position adjustable dampening, adjustable ride height, adjustable pre-load, $460). 33) Above, Ohlins can be a base model with one spring that is a dual progressive rate, or an option to use a helper spring and cross out system if eye-to-eye shock length allows. May 09, 2013 · I am presently running the YSS brand with adjustable high speed rebound dampening and 10 mm length adjustment. Triumph Forum - Street Triple, Speed Triple, Tiger, Daytona, Bonneville, Trophy, Scrambler & Thunderbird. YOUR SUSPENSION SHOP in Adelaide is well known to get the best out of your motorcycle ,be it for track , touring or prototypes Motorcycle suspension A Passion for Motorcycle Performance Öhlins Racing AB began in 1976 as a motocross racing suspension company. The Ohlins ITC shocks I bought on eBay that were said to be from an '83 CR are 18" and the Betor ITCs that came on my '83 Apr 09, 2013 · The stock Ohlins shock spring is set up for a 165lb rider with gear. The site contains thousands of discussions, pictures, media, help, modification talk and more! Ohlins โช๊คอัพยอดนิยมสำหรับชาวสองล้อ กับคุณภาพที่แลกมาด้วยราคา - รถแต่ง ศูนย์รวมข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับรถแต่ง But I've heard their main sales rep Klaus has left and is working for another company. Yang terkenal & terjangkau sih ada merk YSS, tapi selain YSS masih ada lagi merk lain yg recomended yaitu KTC, Daytona, atau kalo kuat belinya ada merk Ohlins, & Kayaba. SAVE £111 WITH OUR EXCLUSIVE HALF PRICE PRELOAD ADJUSTER OFFER DURING NOVEMBER Shocks The Hyperpro Shock. harga emang gak bohong, kampret tenan iki Ohlins, bikin shock breaker kok ya bisa kaya begini enaknya. Get the lowest price, free shipping deal, easy exchanges and no restocking fees - Guaranteed! For the rider willing to exchange the low profile "slammed" look for improved ride comfort, the Softail® Comfort Flex Rear Shocks raise the seat height and the riding comfort level. Ohlins or YSS. Harga Shock Ohlins Buat Nmax 6jt an, jika buat motor Lain mungkin sekitar 2jt an Keatas . Enggak hanya Ohlins, YSS juga menyediakan jasa custom sok depan NMAX. BreezyRider the RoadBully Recommended for you I paid $1147 for Ohlins (1150GS) with uprated springs for my weight and intended use, that included shipping. 7 อิงตาม รีวิว 202 รายการ "วันนี้เข้าไปใช้บริการ The motorcycle shocks as a part of this suspension system ensure comfort and safety of the rider. After doing research on the web & coming up with the usual Elka, Ohlins, Penske I also saw shocks from Wilbers, Hyperpro & YSS at some  18 Jul 2019 Do you own a Royal Enfield Interceptor or a Continental GT 650? Would you like to upgrade the suspension on your motorcycle? Well, Ohlins  3 Feb 2015 EPM carries Hyperpro shocks from the Netherlands, and YSS . Question about Ohlins on an R1100S I installed my new Ohlins suspension the other day, and since a local bike shop was having a grand opening with suspension tuners on site, I thought I'd take advantage of their expertise to help get my suspension dialed in. For the rider willing to exchange the low profile "slammed" look for improved ride comfort, the Softail® Comfort Flex Rear Shocks raise the seat height and the riding comfort level. Để thuận lợi cho việc tư vấn, tham khảo ý kiến dành cho các bạn chuẩn bị tập độ các dòng xe số của Yamaha như taurus, Sirius, Jupiter, Lexamnhận thấy việc lên cặp phuộc độ khác là hầu như ai cũng chơi nên mình xin mạng phép Review lại các dòng phuộc xe máy mà ae thường dùng. It had been sent off too the YSS factory here in Thailand. Dari testimoni ini penulis kaget juga karena ternyata YSS G Plus itu ternyata performanya jelek di jalan buruk. The dynamic relationship between rider and road is managed solely by a motorcycle’s suspension. I also went with YSS because the black & chrome should look a lot better on my bike than the Ohlins that doesn't quite match the gold of my wheels. One big variation you will notice is in the design of the cylinder head: 2-valve vs. org forum on suspension setup. Buy HD 908 Ohlins Shocks for Harley Davidson Sportster XR1200 Models 2009-Newer with FREE Preload Settings!: Shocks - Amazon. Ohlins wouldn't be involved with them if they weren't. Jual shockbreaker/kaki-kaki motor, shock yss, upside down, ohlins, kyb, showa, dbs, nmax lainnya harga shockbreaker lengkap hanya di Bukalapak. That means Works Performance , Ohlins , or Race Tech . Tipe selanjutnya adalah G Series dijual dengan harga Rp 2 juta, tersedia setelan preload dan sudah dilengkapi dengan tabung. I think mine are a little over sprung for my bike. 78 & later Monoshocks, TFX Suspension offers a wide range of shock absorbers and other products for Motorcycles, Quads/ATV, Side Cars, MX motorcycles and special custom projects. ninja pake shock YSS. Seven myths about motorcycle suspension Posted on 16th July, 2015 by Mark Hinchliffe While most riders change the mufflers on their new motorcycle first, the most important modification to any motorcycle is the suspension, according to suspension expert Sam Simmons of Oliver’s Motorcycles . I haven't ridden and felt the ohlins suspension, but i'm very happy with my YSS, and it matches the other parts on the grom well. Looked at the YSS from Adelaide but seem pricey for what they are. com was forced to look for alternatives when pricing increased to a point of near extinction in the U. Adjuster wheel above the end eye and adjustable length (375mm +10/-0mm). I got 340mm, which are 3mm longer than stock, they can be lengthened to 350mm. sok yss vs read it. Re: Ohlins shocks for the TL1000r You can adapt all kinds of things. Back Rear S1000rr -good Ohlins 14 Bmw Adjustable 10 11 12 Suspension 13 Shock 09 Back 12 11 Rear S1000rr Bmw Shock 10 Adjustable 13 09 -good 14 Ohlins Suspension 09 10 $899. jika anda melihat Shock Breaker Ohlins BNOB yang seharga 1jt kebawah dipastikan itu Palsu . net is the largest Honda Grom Forum on the web for 2014 Honda Grom and MSX125 owners and enthusiasts. Y. On his Ducati he is having to rework his front forks as the YSS shocks make the standard forks look sad. Throw in, that they are near where you live/ride makes it a no brainer, even at the higher cost. In the end I got a brand spanky new Honda OEM shock from a bloke in Italy for £99. Enter YSS. com – Pakdeeee…. com, gara-gara artikel ini ( YSS tipe G, ShockBreaker baru Buat Yamaha NMAX jadi Empuk nan Nyaman Berteknologi Balon DIbawah Rp. 2017 ผมกำลังจะเสียเงินให้ OHLINS ครับ มองมาตั้งแต่ก่อนออกรถอีกครับ แต่ๆๆๆๆๆ เกิดความ สงสัยตามภาพครับ. Everyone have their own needs and budget. Very nice. World class motorcycle racing suspension. By The Wire. You'll also get sportier handling on country roads and a more stable ride on motorways. No very good at all. We can always work something out. Good kuck and post what you end doing. Shock YSS ialah satu diantara produk shockbreaker yang memiliki nama cukup tenar tanah air otomotif terutama di para bikers. yss vs ohlins

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